Get more out of your SIS with a comprehensive paperless platform suite:

Ecollect is a uniquely flexible data collection platform capable of supporting the transition to paperless across all facets of school business.

Data collected is seamlessly integrated with student/staff.

Electronic forms are tailored to district goals and process.

Reduce time on task and data inaccuracy for users.

Publish embedded forms to staff, parent, student, and teacher portals. Set access restrictions and workflow configuration to streamline data collection.

Review data collected directly to student and staff records; attach documents; and print to PDF when needed.

Student Plans


Support for Special Education and Intervention processes including plan development, administration, and accommodation tracking.

Teacher Tasks


Enhanced SIS experience for teachers, nurses, and school counselors; access to management tools to streamline workflow and reduce paper dependency.

School Management Optimized

Integrated school management; paperless solutions for transforming the SIS into a school support platform.

Student Registration Simplified

Comprehensive solution for online student registration and enrollment focused on real-time updates and process improvement.

Using proven core content standards in four key zones, the Ecollect platform transforms your student information system into a turnkey school business solution. Your implementation grows to meet changing needs over time and includes access to the Form Builder design studio, all current and future Form Pack content, and ongoing personalization and customization services.

Limitless Data, Focused Content


District Profile

Our Success Specialists work with district constituents to create a District Profile. This unique implementation practice helps us identify gaps and opportunities to align the Ecollect platform with district strategic goals.

Our Mission

School Improvement

AccelaSchool was founded on a premise that school districts and educational entities would be eager to adopt a tool that provided them with sustainable process integration and efficiency improvement. After our initial launch, it was clear we were on to something but it took years of product and identity refinement to become the platform and organization we are today... and we're still growing!

Our success and our passion is supporting school improvement, and the foundation by which we accomplish that mission is our form platform. It is our belief that there exists no greater opportunity to reach our shared improvement goals with an institution than by enriching the ecosystem that is the foundation of their decision making and data collection & distribution processes. Through product improvements and experience, we're able to target key-area spaces that are commonly inefficient and lack comprehensive sustainability so that we maximize immediate impact potential and return on investment.

Sean Cawby,
Rensselaer Central Schools


Ecollect dramatically decreased the amount of paperwork our secretaries have to deal with... It saves time and money in our district, and is backed by a team that cares about our needs!

John DeMillion,
Chester County IU


Enabled us to make PowerSchool the central data source for far more data, simplifying many of our processes and systems, and allowing us to phase out some of our older custom systems.

Marci Eagen-Stark,
Lee County Schools


This product is amazing. I have been able to create several forms that stand to make our processes much more efficient... The support that has come with Ecollect has been innovative and inspiring.

Find out more about the Ecollect paperless solution suite: tailored to meet unique district process requirements using a deeply embedded tool-set and content library.

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